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Mike Tyson Punch Out!? - Boxing star dusts antagonistic airline passenger on video

A fellow passenger on a recent JetBlue flight decided to take the opportunity to harass one of boxing’s most notable stars, and caught a few hands for his trouble.

We’ve all heard celebrities talk about the price of fame. Not being able to go out and enjoy a meal without having someone ask for your autograph; getting constantly stopped on the street and asked for photos; the constant requests to attend events and make appearances at social functions. It’s no wonder that many gain reputations for being short tempered.

Then again, there are some interactions that would try the patience of a saint. Retired boxing star Mike Tyson recently found himself on the receiving end of one such situation, when a pair of passengers on his JetBlue flight from San Francisco to Florida decided to film themselves teasing, taunting, and just generally making a nuisance of themselves toward the former heavyweight champion. But if they were looking to mess around at Tyson’s expense, they quickly found out why that might not be such a good idea.

It’s an exceptionally foolish thing to pull on anyone, let alone a famous fighter—especially one with such an extreme self professed love of violence and a history of violent assault.

TMZ reports that witnesses say the men were severely intoxicated, and that Tyson initially posed for a photo with them, before the man in the above video started harassing him. Apparently Tyson even asked the guy to leave him alone before finally sending him a much more heavily punctuated message.

After the incident, the passenger is said to have received medical attention for his injuries, before contacting the police. No word yet on whether or not Tyson will be charged in relation to the event.