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WTF: An extraordinary Sumo run and some devastating Lethwei

See, sometimes you don’t think the other guy can hit as hard as he actually can. And that hurts.

Three piece, no soda. Just sleep and thirst.

We’ve got so many fights this weekend across the combat sports spectrum, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you. We’ve got a fun selection this week involving all the fun on the combat sports spectrum and somewhat beyond. Let’s enjoy this while we can before things get even weirder than usual.

We begin yet again with Jerry from Fight Commentary Breakdowns. See, most sites or channels/outlets usually have a mailbag to address viewer questions or concerns. Jerry’s got something even better this time around. A collection of international viewers have submitted footage of them utilizing their technique in realistic sparring and competitive settings.

It’s wholesome and fun. Nice to see a community forming and testing themselves like this.

We’ve got more Dambe this week with African Warriors Fighting Championship. The title does kind of give away what happens, but you’re gonna want to see precisely how it goes down. Just marvelous action.

Here’s a handful of Lethwei knockouts, and none of this looks fun.

And here’s another vintage match with this nutty back and forth duel:

Next, it’s off to Japan to check out Shodai’s losing skid and spectacular blazing comeback through the field in Sumo competition. As noted in the video (courtesy of Chris Sumo), he had battled COVID and was set back in his training as a result. After some losses, he managed to look in spectacular form to demolish the rest of the challengers.

Sumo has been having a moment in the last few years with the ease availability for new fans to get into. That’s been a major positive for more people to appreciate the art and enjoy the technique and power these competitors display. Check out the action right here:

Now we go to Turkey where the Antalya Grand Slam took place. This series of beautiful highlights of The Gentle Way (courtesy of the International Judo Federation) are simply marvelous:

It’s been a long time since we visited South Africa, where ESS has the slapboxing game on lock. This duel was very, very slow to get going but got really intense near the end. Lots of lulls between slaps, but the lively crowd and the DJ egging them on makes for a hell of a picture. Some real jaw-droppers here:

And since it is 4/20 week, we’ll leave you with this classic commercial that I’m sure is totally accurate and had a ton of staying power.

Don’t get too caught up in the Devil’s Lettuce... but if you do, bring snacks. And remember: you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.