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Video: UFC plays risky April Fool’s prank on fighters

This may or may not have been the smartest idea.

The UFC decided to play an April Fool’s prank on its staff along with current and former fighters in their offices.

“At UFC headquarters there’s a statue we walk by everyday,” the video explained. “We decided to switch it out for one of our own employees to scare anyone who walks by.”

Among those seen being spooked by the man disguised as a statue are former UFC champions and title challengers in Cody Garbrandt, Forrest Griffin, Claudia Gadelha, Donald Cerrone and Jessica Andrade.

I wouldn’t want to be the employee tasked with going for surprise attacks on professional fighters just to get likes on social media — Garbrandt instantly squared up and was ready to strike — but luckily things went smoothly for the guy in the costume.

Watch the UFC’s pretty funny, and also somewhat risky, April Fool’s prank video below: