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Myanmar arrests Lethwei legend Too Too for protesting against military coup

Too Too has received online support from ONE Championship star Aung La N Sang.

According to The Irrawaddy Burmese Lethwei icon Too Too (sometimes written as Tu Tu) was arrested last week on suspicion of taking part in demonstrations against the 2021 military coup in Myanmar. Too Too was reportedly arrested at his home in Munbu Township in Mynamar’s Magwe Region.

Myanmar’s democratically elected National League for Democracy (NLD) party was overthrown by Myanmar’s military, known as the Tatmadaw, on February 1, 2021. Since then there have been mass protests across the country. The Tatmadaw has cracked down on these protests, leading to the deaths of over 1,700 people. Among the dead are members of the NLD party, who died while in police custody.

ONE Championship star Aung La N Sang, one of Myanmar’s most popular athletes, has consistently spoken out against the Tatmadaw. After Too Too’s arrest, the US-based Aung La N Sang took to social media to show his support for his fellow fighter (per sportskeeda).

In an Instagram story Aung La N Sang posted a picture of him posing with Too Too, along with the praying hands emoji.

This isn’t the first time Aung La N Sang has spoken up about a fighter being arrested in Myanmar. Last May he posted in support of ONE Championship veteran Poe Thaw, who was arrested after he was injured in a bombing that took place outside of his gym.

Too Too is an extremely popular fighter in Myanmar who has been competing in lethwei since at least 2010. He is a former middleweight champion in the World Lethwei Championship promotion.