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Video: Fistfight Festival from Guatemala brings some sensational Good Friday action

Things got real in a hurry as Chivarreto gets put on the map with an outdoor bare knuckle event.

A Good Friday tradition in Guatemala.
A Good Friday tradition in Guatemala.
Screenshot from YouTube

Regional customs vary from culture to culture for all sorts of human behaviors. This not only applies to enjoying meals or religious customs, or basic conversational etiquette.

But some cultures engage in some form of combat, whether it is ritualistic in nature or recreational. And today, we’ll take a look at an open-air event where mutually agreed combat gets center stage with spectacular and unpredictable results.

Courtesy of Fanaticos del MMA GT, the Guatemalan superfan posted an event out of Guatemala where a bare knuckle, boxing-only event took place. It’s an annual Good Friday tradition, and there doesn’t seem to be any real requirement to participate. The whole thing was streamed on Facebook and it was nuts.

We’ve curated some select clips of the action.

Call the amber lamps:

Your handspeed will never be this good. Do not attempt to replicate this. You will fail.

Hey, say hi to Jerry. Jerry’s from Los Angeles and not only allegedly fought a bunch of people in the crowd, he made his way to the ring and fought a handful of people there. Here’s where he hit the dozen:

But everyone has an Achilles Heel, and here’s Jerry being defeated by girl power:

Forreal, doe...

Daft Punk must’ve broken up because one of them wanted to be here and the other didn’t:

“This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.”

There’s no way my dude in black over here shouldn’t be getting his phone blown up with offers to fight anywhere in the world. Whether it’s the UFC, or RIZIN, or the village Dhalsim fights out of, everybody should want a piece of Lieutenant Tank Top over here. Check out how he maxed out his Smokin Sexy Style ranking:

Buenas noches:

But Guatemala doesn’t get all the fun. There’s a similar tradition in Peru known as Takanakuy, where grudges get solved and people get to shoot out a fair one in the name of getting it out of your system. It’s not quite The Purge™, but it seems to get the job done and remains confined to a 1-on-1 duel without harming any innocent bystanders. Here’s what that looks like:

Oh, it gets better. There’s a “Bruce Lee Style“ guy here, too.

VICE even sent a correspondent down to Peru years ago, and wow, was he totally not ready for it:

Man, they really knew how to send guys that were totally out of their element for these.

Will we see another one of these soon? Personally, I sure hope so. Be sure to check out the full event in the video posted above for more.