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I’d be in jail or probably dead - Jake Paul explains how boxing ‘saved’ his life

Jake Paul says he owes a lot to the sport of boxing, which he’s gotten a lot of attention for in recent years.

Even with a knockout win over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in late 2021, a lot of people still refuse to be on board the Jake Paul train. The 25-year-old “Problem Child,” however, says he understands where his detractors are coming from.

In a recent interview with legendary trainer Teddy Atlas, Paul says he respects the sport “more than anything.”

“I understand people’s perspective about ‘Oh, it’s a circus’ and ‘this isn’t boxing’ and all of that. But again, all I’m doing is putting in the work and trying to get better in the gym and fighting tougher opponents each time,” he said.

“I respect this sport more than anything. And I think anyone who puts on the ten-once gloves and gets in that squared circle should be respected. Because you’re risking your life, at the end of the day, and that’s why I take this very seriously.

“All I ever wanted to do is contribute to the sport, bring new eyeballs to the sport, help fighters get paid more.”

Paul says he owes a lot to the sport, which he claims, “saved” his life.

“Boxing saved my life, so I owe a ton to it. I would be in jail or probably dead somewhere if it weren’t for boxing because I was going down a really weird path in my early ‘20s that wasn’t sustainable.

“And because of that, I owe everything to this sport. That’s why I’m so passionate about making boxing great again,” he explained, while also saying he’ll “slowly earn more and more people’s respect.”

After his viral win over Woodley, Paul kept his undefeated professional boxing record intact at 5-0.