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2022 IBJJF Pans results and videos: Pessanha and Munis win Open Class Gold

The 2nd major IBJJF tournament of the year took place in Kissimmee, Florida.

Erich Munis submitted Wilson De Sousa on his way to winning the 2022 IBJJF Pans tournament at super heavyweight.
Erich Munis submitted Wilson De Sousa on his way to winning the 2022 IBJJF Pans tournament at super heavyweight.
Screenshot from IBJJF Instagram

The IBJJF’s second major event of 2022 took place this weekend in Kissimmee, Florida with the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships. The event drew over 4,800 competitors and was the biggest Pans tournament to date. Many of the world’s best black belts took the mats in search of gold in their weight classes and the open class.

Erich Munis defeats Fellipe Andrew in open class final

2021 World Champion Erich Munis entered the Pans open class as one of the top seeds. The Dream Art competitor beat Marcos Carrozzino, Pedro Marinho, and Roosevelt Souza in the qualifying rounds and met Fellipe Andrew of Alliance in the final.

Fellipe won his weight and the open class at the 2021 Pans and was looking to further cement his spot as the #1 ranked adult male black belt in the world. Erich used his world class guard to sweep Fellipe early in the match. The super heavyweight standouts disengaged after a toe hold attempt from Erich and Erich pulled guard again to get back to his preferred position. He held his two-point lead, defending Fellipe’s attempts to pass his guard for the reminder of the match, winning his first major open class title as a black belt.

Gabrieli Pessanha defeats Yara Soares to earn second double gold of 2022

After winning her weight and the open class at the 2022 European Championships, Gabrieli Pessanha had her sights set on doing the same at the Pans. Gabrieli made it to the final of both her weight class and the open class, meeting Dream Art’s Yara Soares in both matches. Gabrieli won the super heavy final 4-0 and won the open class final by advantages. With her second double gold for the year, Gabrieli is eligible for the 2022 double grand slam, winning her weight and the open class at Europeans, Pans, Brazilian Nationals, and Worlds. She’ll compete at Brazilian Nationals in May in an effort to complete the next step of the grand slam.

Tainan and Mayssa one step closer to 2022 grand slam

Two other jiu-jitsu athletes who also are pursuing the 2022 grand slam are Unity Jiu-Jitsu’s Mayssa Bastos and Art of Jiu-Jitsu’s Tainan Dalpra. Mayssa won the rooster weight division after two dominant victories.

Tainan Dalpra won middleweight gold, putting on one of the best matches of the year with Ronaldo Junior of Atos in the semi-final.

In the final, Tainan passed Jeferson Guaresi’s guard to earn a 3-0 victory and his second gold medal at Pans as a black belt. Expect to see Mayssa and Tainan competing at the Brazilian Nationals in May as they look to add a third major tournament gold to their collections for the year.

Full results can be found below:


Rooster – Carlos “Bebeto” Oliveira

Light feather – Meyram Alves

Feather – Alex Sodre

Light – Johnatha Alves

Middle – Tainan Dalpra

Medium Heavy – Sebastian Rodriguez

Heavy – Dimitrius Souza

Super Heavy - Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro

Ultra-Heavy – Roberto Abreu

Open Class – Erich Munis


Rooster – Mayssa Bastos

Light feather – Jess Khan

Feather – Ana Rodrigues

Light – Nathalie Ribeiro

Middle – Thamara Ferreira

Medium Heavy – Maria Malyjasiak

Heavy – Melissa Stricker

Super Heavy – Gabrieli Pessanha

Open Class – Gabrieli Pessanha