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UFC 273 results, video: Alexander Volkanovski gets standing TKO over The Korean Zombie

The UFC’s featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski, just styled on the “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung in the UFC 273 main event.

The top of the UFC 273 billing was the setting where the promotion’s featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski, completely styled on “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung. This was pretty much one way traffic as the champion was on fire in all categories. His punches were scoring knockdowns, his kicks were stance altering, and his takedowns were threatening. This is about as perfect as someone can be across 15-minutes and 45-seconds. Looking as dominant as ever, who in the world can stop this man?

Volkanovski was dialed in with his boxing from the word go. He would tag Zombie and then dart out of the way. Zombie was stung on a few occasions, seeming to have a difficult time with how quick Volkanovski was. Towards the end of the round, the champ briefly dropped Zombie with a flush two-piece.

The fighters exchanged several kicks to open up the second act, before Volkanovski returned to touching his target with his punches. Then, a set of solid right hands from the champ staggered and the dropped Zombie again. In true Zombie fashion, he stood up and went back to swinging, but Volkanovski clinched up and worked his takedown. He didn’t keep Zombie down for very long, but it didn’t matter because Volkanovski was doing his best work on the feet anyway.

Volkanovski continued to lead the dance in the third round. He was landing the better strikes, he was hitting takedowns, and virtually doing whatever he wanted out there. It’s not like Zombie was throwing back, because he was, but Volkanovski was just throwing so much variety at him. The champ scored another knockdown at the end of the round, and pounced trying to finish, but ran out of time.

The doctor was brought in to check on Zombie before the start of the fourth round, and deemed him fit to continue. The round started, and Volkanovski went right back to landing leather. The referee decided enough was enough and Volkanovski earned a standing TKO.

Alexander Volkanovski def. Chan Sung Jung by TKO at :45 of round 4: Featherweight Title