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UFC 273 results & video: Aljamain Sterling edges out Petr Yan to retain bantamweight title

Aljamain Sterling just took a split decision over Petr Yan to remain the  135-pound champ in the UFC 273 co-main event.

The UFC 273 co-main event is in the books and Aljamain Sterling just won a close split decision in his rematch with Petr Yan to remain the bantamweight king. When Sterling got to the back in the second and third rounds, he refused to let go of the position. Yan rallied in the fourth and fifth, getting on top of Aljo and racking up a bit of control time himself. The close round was the opening one, which could have really gone either way. How did you score this one, and will there be a trilogy match?

Sterling looked for an early takedown attempt, but Yan was hip to it and sprawled. On the feet, both men were being patient, with Aljo much more reserved than the first round of their first fight. Yan was the one coming forward, but he was missing a bunch due to him loading up on his punches, plus the elusive footwork of Sterling.

In the second act, Yan marched forward again trying to walk down Sterling, but Aljo hit him with a takedown. Sterling went right to full mount and then quickly to the back. Yan was trapped and stuck having to defend punches and a couple of RNC attempts. This was a dominant round for Aljo.

Yan came out launching a lot of kicks to start the third round, but it wasn’t long before Aljo hit another takedown. Sterling again went right to the back, and returned to the body triangle. Yan did not get up again.

Yan opened the fourth frame with a flurry that had Sterling shelling up. Sterling got to the back again, but was too high which allowed Yan to escape out of the back door. Yan then took top position inside of the full guard of Sterling, chipping away with short shots while staying defensively responsible.

Sterling was looking for the takedown right away in the final round, but Yan was doing a great job of staying vertical. Aljo continued to shoot, but Yan refused to allow himself to be controlled. Yan caught Sterling in a turtle position, and then worked from that position to help solidify the round.

Aljamain Sterling def. Petr Yan by split decision (48-47 x2, 47-48): Bantamweight Title