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UFC 272 results: Rafael dos Anjos batters tough Renato Moicano in five-round decision win

Rafael dos Anjos just put a beating on Renato Moicano in the UFC 272 PPV co-main event.

The co-main event for UFC 272 just witnessed former lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos, put a beating on short-notice opponent, Renato Moicano, across five-rounds to pick up a unanimous decision. This fight had no business being five-rounds, and the match probably could have been stopped before ever needing to see a fourth frame. Dos Anjos had his way on the feet, and then also owned the ground exchanges to make it long night for Renato. Credit to Moicano for stepping in, and having a late surge in the fifth, but boy did RDA do his thing tonight. This is the first time that Rafael has won back to back fights since 2017.

Moicano closed the diatcue right away, clinching up with RDA and looking to take the back. RDA responded with a takedown of his own, and although Moicano quickly scrambled back up, he soon went right back down. RDA solidified top position and began dropping damage from above, making sure to not give Moicano any space to escape.

Moicano got his jab going in the second round, but RDA clapped back with some heavier punches. Then, the former lightweight champion clinched up and started to rag doll Moicano a bit. He then hit another takedown, landed some more elbows, and remained on top until the bell.

Moicano was throwing his hands in combination to start the third round, but RDA was moving his head and slipping a lot of them. RDA also started going to the body with kicks. Moicano did land a few uppercuts, but a big head kick wobbled him and sent him to the canvas. RDA started to smash him with ground and pound, but Moicano somehow managed to hang on and survive until the bell.

The doctor was brought in to check on a badly swollen eye of Moicano to begin the fourth frame, but deemed him fit to continue. The fight resumed and Moicano connected with a couple of flurries before getting dumped again. RDA went back to controlling from the top, battering the eye and continuing the dominance. Moicano staggered back to his corner after the round.

Before the fifth round, the ref told Moicano that he had 30-seconds to turn the fight around or he was going to stop it. RDA hit another takedown, but wasn’t doing much with it. Moicano worked up to his feet and started swinging away. He was connecting and surging forward, doing his best to manifest a finish. RDA proved to be too tough to finish, but Moicano did make it to the final bell.

Rafael dos Anjos def. Renato Moicano by unanimous decision (50-44, 49-45, 49-44): 160-pounds