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UFC 272 results: Bryce Mitchell schools Edson Barboza on the ground in decision win

Bryce Mitchell just dominated Edson Barboza on the ground on the UFC 272 PPV main card.

The UFC 272 PPV main card is chugging right along in the featherweight division, where the promotion’s #11 ranked, Bryce Mitchell, defeated the #10 ranked, Edson Barboza, with a dominant unanimous decision. Mitchell dropped Barboza in the opening round before implementing his smothering ground attack. Bryce remains undefeated as he advances his record to 15-0. Also, in his post-fight interview, Mitchell stated that half of his fight purse, $45,000, will be going to help children in Arkansas with medical conditions. What’s not to love about “Thug Nasty?”

Barboza went after the legs of Mitchell right away with kicks. Mitchell was pressuring forward, and ended up dropping Barboza with a huge right hand. From there, Mitchell snagged a takedown, got on top, and began working his ground strikes. He remained relatively safe on his back, but it took awhile for him to get up. Once he did, he landed a few kicks before the bell.

Mitchell earned himself an early takedown to start the second stanza. A big elbow got through for Mitchell, which cut open Barboza. When Barboza did scramble back to his feet, Mitchell just took him right back down. The ground strikes were adding up for Bryce, as Edson was stuck on the bottom without answers.

Barboza took the center of the cage to begin the final round. He started to let his strikes go, but as soon as Mitchell saw his moment to shoot the takedown the fight returned to the mat. Mitchell controlled from the top, sneaking in strikes when he could. Barboza did throw up a triangle attempt, but Mitchell just lifted him up and slammed him down to escape.

Bryce Mitchell def. Edson Barboza by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25) : Featherweight