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Cormier: Jon Jones is ‘absolutely not’ wrong in attacking Chael Sonnen amid alleged battery case

Daniel Cormier says Jon Jones isn’t wrong in his recent jabs at Chael Sonnen, who is facing assault charges.

Chael Sonnen has gotten himself in some legal troubles over the last few months. The former two-time UFC title contender is being accused of hitting a few people including a woman during an alleged altercation at the Las Vegas hotel last December.

A lot of Sonnen’s haters are celebrating his current plight, one of them being former rival Jon Jones. “Bones” hit back at Sonnen on Twitter for criticizing him during his own assault allegations involving his fiancée last September.

Many would likely say Jones’ actions would be the pot calling the kettle black. But for another one of his former rivals Daniel Cormier, the former champion isn’t in the wrong.

Cormier explained all of it in a recent video he uploaded on his YouTube channel.

“Now, the man that sat up there for years — Chael — has allowed for himself to be judged by a man that is truly been just the butt of everyone’s jokes for so long,” he said.

“So I ask myself, ‘Guys, are we adults?’ Yes, we are, but in this instance, do I think that Jones would act like one? Absolutely not. Is he wrong for not acting like one? Absolutely not.

“I know I’ve done a lot of shit in my life, and I have done things to people. But when I get myself in that situation where they have the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat, I don’t expect a higher behavior from them.

“I’m not surprised that Jones is taking shots at Chael right now. Because every time that Jones found himself in those issues — and that was a multitude of times — Chael was there to judge.”

Cormier reiterated his point towards the end of the video.

“Jones is right. When you have been the brunt of that — and if I find myself in this issue and he judges me for it, he’s right because of the way we treated him over the course of a time.

“Very rarely will I say that. But it’s one of those times where it’s not so… I don’t think his behavior is so misguided because of all that he’s been through on our behalf.”

Whether or not he was saying it in jest, Cormier encouraged both men to “please continue with the mudslinging.”

“I am enjoying every moment of it. It’s funny to watch two humans, two adults, act like that. ‘Cause it’s entertainment, right? Aren’t we all here for entertainment?”

As for Sonnen, his felonies have reportedly been dropped. However, he will still have to deal with his six misdemeanor charges.