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The MMA Depressed-us: Other brothers - Serra vs. Makowski

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Phil Mackenzie return for another delve into the nether regions of MMA history. This time with a look at a few of MMA’s less talented siblings.

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The UFC’s schedule so far in 2022 is one of non-stop, balls-to-the-wall action. Which unfortunately means opportunities for the MMA Depressed us are few and far between. But, with the promotion taking a rare break this week, we’re back to watch more of the best of the worst of MMA.

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This time around, we’ve decided to tackle “other brothers,” the less notable, less talented, less famous siblings of some of MMA’s favorite fighters. To kick off the show, we’re starting with the longest fight of Valentijn Overeem’s career, his 2003 one-round 15 minute decision loss to Mikko Rupponen at Fight Festival 7. We’re following that bout up with a bout from Dan Lauzon’s brief UFC career, his 2010 loss to Efrain Escudero at UFC 114. And finally we’re wrapping the whole thing up with the final fight of Nick Serra’s MMA journey, a defeat to 2-0 Matt Makowski at Elite XC: Primetime, in 2008.

While the Lauzon and Serra bouts are both available on Fight Pass, for viewers who wish to watch along with us, the Overeem fight can be found for free on YouTube, through this hyperlink. As always, we’re starting each video right at the beginning. So just hit play when Zane says “go.” Or if you’re watching the fights via a different medium, Connor will try and cue listeners for the start of the first round.

  • Overeem vs. Rupponen - At 6:22
  • Lauzon vs. Escudero - At 28:54
  • Serra vs. Makowski - At 53:33

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