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Chael Sonnen: Conor McGregor should be praised for wanting fight with Kamaru Usman

Sonnen has high praise for McGregor after eyeing a fight with Usman. 

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Chael Sonnen has one question for those who have cautioned Conor McGregor over wanting a fight with Kamaru Usman: Why?

McGregor has indicated that his time at lightweight is over and a return to welterweight is imminent, but the ‘Notorious’ one has no interest in fighting just anyone in the division. He expressed interest in Usman for a shot at becoming the first-ever three-division champion in UFC history, which has been met with a lukewarm reception by several prominent figures in the sport. Among those was Joe Rogan, the longtime color commentator who told the SBG Ireland talent to ‘be careful’ with what he was asking for.

With Usman being the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter and his ever-improving skill set, Rogan believes that fight would be tough for McGregor. While Sonnen agrees with that rationale, it should be all the more reason for McGregor to be praised, not warned, for his pursuit of ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ and his gold.

“Joe Rogan was talking about Conor McGregor’s callout of Kamaru Usman and Joe said and I quote the old adage, ‘Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it,” said Sonnen on his YouTube channel. “Now, why? Why? Joe went on to answer his own question. He talked about how great Usman is. He talked about Usman is the greatest to be doing it right now. He talked about his strength. He talked about the size of his body. That Usman is a true welterweight [and] Conor used to be a 45-pounder. All of these things are very valid. We’re stating the obvious. There’s nothing new here. I have the same question. Why?

“Why should Conor be careful?,” continued Sonnen. “What is it that Kamaru Usman or anybody for that matter can bring to the Octagon that Conor McGregor hasn’t seen? Why should he be careful? Why should anyone be careful what they’re asking for, when what they’re asking for is an opportunity to take on the baddest man in the world. How would that not be praised? Why would that be cautioned? What is it you’re scared of? And if your overarching emphasis is that you’re scared you’re going to lose and or get hurt, what are you doing in the tough guy business?”

McGregor has not fought since his first-round technical knockout loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 this past July. Should he move up in weight again, it would be his fourth outing at welterweight.

There is no word on whether McGregor would receive an immediate championship opportunity for his next appearance. Still, the former champion sounds fairly confident in being able to ‘waltz back into a title shot’ upon his return.