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Colby Covington says Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II ‘was definitely a fix’

Colby Covington believes Tyron Woodley took a dive against Jake Paul.

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UFC welterweight Colby Covington is adamant Tyron Woodley took a dive against Jake Paul, claiming their Dec. 18 boxing match was ‘definitely a fix’.

Covington, who was recently featured as a guest on the Full Send podcast, pointed to Woodley’s mom celebrating after her son had been KO’d in the sixth round as evidence of a fixture.

‘Chaos’ also believes ‘The Problem Child’ signaled for ‘T-Wood’ to drop his hands right before faceplanting him with an overhand right.

“It was definitely a fix, you could tell, just the way he like signaled to him like, ‘Hey, okay, put your hand down, now you’re gonna take the knockout.’ And then you see Woodley’s mom, like she’s dancing around in the f**king octagon, like screaming right next to her son,” Covington, who beat Woodley in 2020, said (h/t Sportskeeda). “Like, dude, your son just got knocked out and humiliated in front of the world and you’re f**king screaming happy?”

Woodley, who is 0-2 against Paul, took the loss on the chin and made no excuses following the fight. Paul, meanwhile, has moved on from ‘The Chosen One’ and is now pursuing an MMA fight with Conor McGregor.

The YouTuber has never fought in the UFC but believes he would KO ‘The Notorious’ in the first round, telling TMZ Sports: “I know I can beat Conor and people think, ‘Oh, this kid’s crazy’ and yeah, I am like no, that’s why I’ve gotten this far. It’s because I’m crazy and I believe in myself and Conor is on a downhill spiral. His limbs are all broken so stand-up game coming out knocking [him] out first round.”