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Crooklyn’s Corner 26: John Nash talks UFC revenue, Diaz, McGregor, Pimblett

Episode 26 discussion: John Nash stops by to discuss the new UFC quarterly report, Pimblett’s purse, Diaz’ last contracted fight, McGregor’s leverage

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Welcome to Crooklyn’s Corner, the podcast that’s basically a hodgepodge of topics focused on the combat sports and entertainment community. The show will feature special interviews, fantasy matchmaking/analysis and whatever else we can come up with to keep our listeners steeped in fresh and engaging content. The show is hosted by Stephie Haynes and airs when needed to fill gaps in our Bloody Elbow Presents podcast network.

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Here is a summary of the topics discussed or questions asked. Time stamps won’t always be available as our conversations tend to be very fluid and bounce back & forth frequently. As always, I hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.

This week’s Co-Host was Bloody Elbow’s own Chief Financials Columnist, host of our Show Money Podcast, co-host of our Care/Don’t Care Podcast, & co-host of the If the Shoes Fit Podcast. Here are the questions Stephie put to John to discuss on this episode:


  • Endeavor’s quarterly report just came out; just how favorable was it? *EBITDA and CAPEX breakdowns*
  • The UFC had another banner year, the best in their entire 28-year history. They like to tout how much fighter pay has gone up, but is it commensurate with the amount the company’s profits and revenue have gone up?
  • What is the future looking like for the promotion?
  • You specifically noted some interesting findings regarding Endeavor’s ownership of the UFC. What were they?
  • Another podcast recently discussed the UFC’s push into the UK market but didn’t they already break into that market with Bisping?
  • Were you shocked with Ari Emmanuel’s breezy defense of fighter pay?
  • Masvidal was riding a 2-fight losing streak but still managed to get a deal he found acceptable. What is the worth of guys like Masvidal when heading into negotiations on a loss?
  • Nate Diaz publicly called out the UFC for not booking him a fight recently. How much wiggle room does an aging fighter with name value have regarding whether they accept a proposed fight?
  • Paddy Pimblett’s purse reveal: were you surprised he was on that low a deal? Is this the new norm and will we ever see stars like Conor emerge again with as much leverage as he has?
  • Both Paddy and his teammate Molly McCann revealed their purses recently. Are there repercussions that they could be facing for doing that?
  • The UFC has dug their feet in where their support and/or upholding of contracts with Russian broadcast partners etc. are concerned. Something similar is happening with F1 in that their grand prix was in Jeddeh Saudi Arabia and there is bombing within spitting distance of the track right now. Just how difficult is it to extricate from contracts like that under the extreme circumstances of war? Is that something that gets factored into the contract language?
  • ONE Championship’s broadcast partner: is there one?
  • What do you think is the biggest misconception about fighter pay?

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