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Polaris 19 Results: Jimenez, Reusing, and Williams victorious in Southampton

UK Jiu-Jitsu show features top no-gi grapplers in Southampton

Europe’s longest running professional jiu-jitsu show returned on Saturday for Polaris 19 in Southampton. The event featured two titles fights and a main event between two of the best competitors in the 77 kg division. Other competitors on the card included Owen Livesey, Eoghan O’Flanagan, and Margot Ciccarelli.

Roberto Jimenez hits beautiful back take and rear naked choke to secure victory

The main event of Polaris 19 was a match between Roberto Jimenez and Magid Hage. Both competitors have looked very impressive as of late. Roberto won gold at the second ADCC South American Trials and Magid earned a silver medal at the first ADCC South American Trials. Both athletes have recently shown their willingness to take chances and fight for the submission. This match was no different.

Magid sat to guard shortly after the start of the match as Roberto started to work his passing game. He worked his way to Magid’s half guard and got to some strong passing positions. Magid used an under hook from the half guard to sweep but Roberto was able to capitalize on an opening from bottom shortly thereafter to get to Magid’s back. Roberto trapped one of Magid’s arms while on the back and worked his way to the rear naked choke submission, getting the tap from Magid. Roberto continued his streak of impressive no-gi victories. His next test will be in the gi at the IBJJF Pan Ams.

Injury forces Amanda Leve to forfeit; Kendall retains open weight title

Amanda Leve pulled off one of the biggest David vs. Goliath moments in grappling history when she defeated Gabby Garcia at Who’s Number One last year. The PFL lightweight has had many matches where she was at a weight disadvantage, and the co-main event at Polaris 19 was another one of those matches. Leve’s opponent was Kendell Reusing, an IBJJF No-Gi World and Pan champion.

Both athletes have great wrestling skills and they put them on display from the start of the match. Kendall landed the first takedown of the match, snatching up a single leg that Leve countered with a guillotine attempt. Kendall was able to free her neck from danger and ended up in Leve’s closed guard. The guard opened and Leve looked to off balance Kendall as she went through her passing sequences.

During a transition where Kendall re-engaged Leve’s guard after being pushed away, Leve’s foot got caught between Kendall’s legs and caused what looked to be a severe leg injury. Leve was unable to continue the match and Kendall retained the Polaris open weight title due to forfeit from an injury.

Ashley Williams retains lightweight title with decision win

In a bout that took place for the Polaris lightweight title, ADCC European Trials champion Ashley Williams took on Ross Nicholls brown belt Jack Sear. Jack pulled guard to start the match and immediately looked to get into his preferred leg locking positions. Jack did a phenomenal job of getting to some solid leg entanglements, but Williams was persistent with his pressure passing, ultimately getting to the side control with about five and a half minutes remaining in the match.

Williams worked his way to the mount momentarily, but Jack was able to use his leg flexibility and dexterity to escape and recover guard. Williams quickly worked his way back to side control, where he kept the pressure on for the remainder of the match. Williams closest submission attempt was an arm triangle choke with less than a minute left in the match. Although he couldn’t get the finish, Ashley Williams cruised to a decision victory with his pressure passing and control and retained his Polaris lightweight title.

Full results can be found below:

Roberto Jimenez def. Magid Hage via submission (rear naked choke)

Kendall Reusing def. Amanda Leve via forfeit due to injury

Ashley Williams def. Jack Sear via unanimous decision

Owen Livesey def. Frederic Vosgrone via unanimous decision

Eoghan O’Flanagan def. Valentin Fels via unanimous decision

Margot Ciccarelli def. Ashley Bendle via unanimous decision

Phil Harris def. Paddy Holohan via unanimous decision