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Video: Boxer scores knockdown, then bites opponent

Nicolas Pablo Demario imitated Mike Tyson in this weird sequence of events in boxing.

Nicolas Pablo Demario had just floored Josue Vargas on the fifth round of their boxing match and was ahead on the judges scorecards, when he just inexplicably decided to bite his opponent.

Vargas winced in pain, and as the referee paused the action, there was blood and a bite mark on his shoulder. The blatant foul and his reasoning behind it was already bizarre, but to add to the weird situation, the referee just allows the fight to continue.

Instead of an instant disqualification like in other cases of this foul, the referee just decided to dock a point and let the fight go on.

“That’s a DQ, bro. Biting?! That’s a DQ!” the commentator reacted to the point deduction. “Wow. Are you kidding me?”

Demario, who scored a knockdown on the same round, had his sure 10-8 round turned into 9-8. He was still up 47-46 on two scorecards, while one had it 46-46 after the point deduction.

Vargas, who was sporting a bloody bite mark on his shoulder, was able to rally late and win the final three rounds. Demario was lucky he didn’t get disqualified, but he still eventually lost a decision with the scores of 76-73 and 76-74 twice, all for Vargas.

Mike Tyson infamously bit Evander Holyfield in the ear in 1997. He was immediately disqualified then, but he did pivot and turn it into a marketing opportunity decades later.