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UFC files trademark for ‘The Ultimates Invitational’

Is there a new UFC show in the works?

UFC signage outside the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, NY in 2018.
UFC signage outside the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, NY in 2018.
Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

On March 18 the UFC filed a pair of trademarks applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for something they are calleing ‘The Ultimates Invitational’.

The applications are intended to protect the term ‘The Ultimates Invitational’ and the following logo:


In their application concerning the logo, ZUFFA included the following description:

“The mark consists of the stylized text “THE ULTIMATES” with “THE” underlined over a parallelogram with the graphic depiction of a partial globe with latitude and longitude lines inside of it and the stylized text “INVITATIONAL” to the right of the parallelogram.”

Both applications included identical information in the Goods and Services field, which is used to describe what the term/logo would be used for. Here’s what ZUFFA entered in that field:

“Arranging, organizing, conducting, and hosting entertainment events for mixed martial arts and sports fans; arranging, organizing, conducting and hosting mixed martial arts, martial arts, wrestling, grappling, kickboxing and boxing exhibitions, competitions and tournaments; entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by mixed martial arts fighters, athletes, models and celebrities; education and training services in the nature of physical fitness, sports and mixed martial arts; arranging, organizing, conducting and hosting classes, seminars, conferences, workshops on physical fitness, sports and mixed martial arts; providing an online newsletter in the fields of sports and mixed martial arts; and providing a website featuring information about sports and mixed martial arts”

Both applications were filed under the 041 International Class, which is reserved for applications concerning “Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.”

Both applications are yet to be assigned to an examiner at the USPTO.

There is no other information regarding what The Ultimates Invitational might be. In the past the UFC have used the word ‘Invitational’ for a couple of different reasons.

In 2021 the UFC hosted a video game tournament named The UFC Invitational Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament. Also in 2021 the promotion hosted a grappling tournament named the UFC Fight Pass Invitational.

When it comes to determining whether the UFC has the right to trademark the term, the promotion might run into a little difficulty.

The flying-disc based sport initially known as ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ is now largely referred to as ‘Ultimate’ because the word ‘Frisbee’ is trademarked by the Wham-O toy company. There are a number of Ultimate invitational tournaments across the world.

The popular video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is also featured in tournaments often named something along the lines of Smash Ultimate Invitationals.