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Pro fighters react after Jorge Masvidal’s alleged attack on Colby Covington

See how the pros reacted to Jorge Masvidal’s alleged attack on Colby Covington.

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Earlier this week, UFC BMF champ Jorge Masvidal was arrested for allegedly sucker-punching ex-teammate and friend Colby Covington outside a steakhouse in Miami, Florida.

Masvidal, 37, has pled not guilty for aggravated battery but is thought to have fractured Covington’s tooth and damaged his Rolex during the encounter.

The ex-street fighter turned UFC BMF champion is reported to have waited for Covington outside the infamous Papi Steak restaurant while ‘Chaos’ was filming a podcast with the Nelk Boys. After Covington left the restaurant Masvidal, who was reported to be wearing a blue surgical mask and a hoodie, approached Covington and landed two punches to his face.

The alleged attack is thought to have been motivated by Covington calling Masvidal a ‘deadbeat dad’ in the leadup to their welterweight bout at UFC 272 which saw Covington defeat Masvidal via unanimous decision.

The incident has caused quite a stir online, with most fighters condemning Masvidal for the attack. Check out some of the pro-reactions below, courtesy of Twitter.