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WTF: Jeet Kune Do vs vs. Kickboxing

This week we cover wrestling in Pakistan, Kyle Dake launching people, Silat, and bloody Karate battles.

A Jeet Kune Do fighter (blue gloves) faces off against a kickboxer in a full contact sparring match.
A Jeet Kune Do fighter (blue gloves) faces off against a kickboxer in a full contact sparring match.

While the combat sports world has all manner of wild antics taking place in and out of competition, WTF keeps chugging along here with the best fringe content and odd mishaps we can find in the martial arts world at large.

This week, we’re kicking things off with Jerry at Fight Commentary Breakdowns, where we have a bit of a treat. He’s bringing us an example of Jeet Kune Do being used in active sparring against a kickboxer. Wanna know how that goes?

It looks pretty damn good, really. Not entirely surprising, as Bruce Lee utilized boxing footwork as part of the basis for Jeet Kune Do movement. If you’ve watched Bruce or any of the characters he’s inspired (or even heard him talk about it), you can see him do the Ali Shuffle.

A little less great is what we’ve got next, which is the dreaded Systema. I personally maintain that it’s not worth even getting upset over, it’s just also not... good. Feel free to disagree, but there’s way too many clips and demonstrations of this being more and more goofy gobbledygook for me to take seriously. It’s a YouTube short, so unfortunately we’re unable to embed that here. But I have to wonder how long these cheap carnival tricks are going to keep impressing and deceiving people.

Dambe Warriors keeps it groovy, now with a video where a technicality ended up costing one competitor very heavily.

Next up, it’s time for Karate Combat. They’ve put together a collection of some of their bloodiest battles. Hey, it’s cool if you’re into that sort of thing.

As for this next bit, I’m honestly not totally sure what to make of it.

We’ll be looking at Silat, and how it’s taught and applied. First up is a video establishing some basic principals. Some of it looks like nice advice, but some of it... less so.

But here’s a cool demonstration from 2020 that looks really amazing.

Remember Poland’s PunchDown? The slap fighting organization out of Europe? They assembled a collection of what they’re calling the five best slaps in the organization’s history. If you’ve seen this sort of thing before, you know this is going to be devastating.

Really hoping you haven’t forgotten Teddy Sheedi. We’ve covered him before, and he’s simply the most fearless little devil doing wrestling magic in Pakistan. Well, here he is again doing what he does best. It’s just so impressive:

I seriously can’t get enough of this, it’s almost like watching the Harlem Globetrotters:

Moving over to the world of Muay Thai, with this collection of knee knockdowns and knockouts that is simply breathtaking:

Finally, we’ve got some wrestling action that cannot be missed. Kyle Dake’s best throws put in one convenient package:

He launched that one guy higher than gas prices, oh my.

Also, you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world. Stay safe, kids.