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Khabib tells UFC welterweights to boycott Colby Covington after Jorge Masvidal altercation

“If you are stronger than someone inside the octagon, it does not mean you can insult his children.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov wants Colby Covington to know words sometimes have repercussions.

The former UFC lightweight champion has advised welterweights to avoid fighting Covington to teach ‘Chaos’ a lesson in respect.

Nurmagomedov’s comments come after Covington was attacked outside Papi Steak restaurant in Miami, Florida by ex-teammate Jorge Masvidal.

Masvidal, who was defeated by Covington at UFC 272, is thought to have attacked the self-proclaimed ‘King of Miami’ because of the derogatory comments he made towards his family prior to the fight.

“He is a deadbeat dad – the only life-altering damage he is doing is to his kids. He doesn’t talk to his kids. He’s a deadbeat man. He’s a nobody, he’s a criminal,” Covington said of Masvidal before he went on to beat him via unanimous decision.

Nurmagomedov thinks Covington’s trash talk is unacceptable and believes the former UFC interim welterweight champion got what he deserved on Wednesday night.

“If you are stronger than someone inside the octagon, it does not mean you can insult his children,” Nurmagomedov stated. “No one has the right to insult someone’s family. Once you have gone down this path, then be ready to back up your words.

“You were attacked by a professional fighter, the same as you are, your own size, and you go press charges against him to the police?

“I think all welterweights should refuse to fight Colby, just don’t accept fights with him, let him sit without a fight, it will probably significantly affect him and all fighters who even think of insulting families, who is provoking the fighters to look for someone in restaurants to deal with him.”

Covington reportedly suffered a broken tooth and damaged Rolex during the incident and has pressed charges for aggravated battery and criminal mischief. Masvidal was subsequently arrested and is currently being held on $15,000 bail.