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Video: Jorge Masvidal previously boasted about having ‘one of the best sucker punches in the business’

An old video of Jorge Masvidal boasting about having “one of the best sucker punches” has emerged.

As we all know by now, nothing ever really gets lost in the ether when it comes to the internet. This week, an old video of Jorge Masvidal from an MMA Hour episode years back has re-emerged, and it isn’t putting him in a good light, given his current situation.

(H/T MMA Mania)

“I’m really known, like in my area of Westchester, Miami, Florida… I’m known (to have) one of the best sucker punches in the business,” Masvidal said with a smile on his face.

Host Ariel Helwani then chimed in, saying sucker punching is “not a good thing to be known for.” Gamebred then issued this response:

“Hell yeah, it is. In the street, it is. If you’re a real street dude, you know that you don’t tell somebody, ‘Hey, me and you outside.’ You might get shot.”

Masvidal is currently facing charges of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and criminal mischief. All of this stemmed from his alleged involvement in a street altercation with former training partner Colby Covington outside Miami’s Papi Steak restaurant on Monday night.

Security footage from the restaurant showed Masvidal appearing to blindside Covington outside the establishment. According to the police report, “Chaos” suffered a “fractured tooth” and an “abrasion to the left wrist” because of the alleged attack.

On Wednesday night, Masvidal surrendered to the Miami Beach police and is currently held on $15,000 bail.