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Cormier: Covington isn’t ‘equipped’ to handle Masvidal altercation, he’s ‘not a street guy’

Daniel Cormier weighs in on the reported street altercation between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington.

The Colby Covington-Jorge Masvidal rivalry took an ugly turn on Monday night after the two were allegedly involved in a street altercation outside a Miami steakhouse. “Gamebred” supposedly blind-sided and struck his former close training partner, ultimately resulting in “Chaos” suffering a “fractured tooth” and an “abrasion on the left wrist.”

Fellow fighters offered differing opinions on the incident. Some think Covington had it coming for his brash-talking persona. Others feel that Masvidal should’ve handled his business inside the cage and not taken it outside.

Former UFC double-champ Daniel Cormier recently shared his take on the matter. During his weekly ESPN show with Ryan Clark, “DC” first directed his attention to Masvidal.

“You had 25 minutes less than two weeks ago to do everything you wanted,” he said. “It does not seem as though this was a… it’s so hard here not to assume. But it does not seem as though this was a come face-to-face and we get into a fight. It seems like something different. And that’s where it becomes a little bit off.”

He then spoke about Covington, whom he felt was “not really equipped” to handle such a situation.

“Colby Covington is not a street guy. I will tell you today, Colby Covington is not a street guy,” Cormier said. “Colby Covington is a guy that likes to talk and fight. The schtick may have crossed the line, and now it’s gotten him into a situation that he is not really equipped for. That is why he didn’t have anybody in place with him to make sure that it didn’t cross the line.

“Colby’s not a guy that is looking to be dealing in street things. He may talk like it. When he says he’s the king of Miami, he’s talking about he’s the best fighter from Miami. And it’s hard to argue that right now, considering Usman is training in Colorado. It’s hard to argue that.”

“It’s very unfortunate for Colby, it’s very unfortunate for Jorge because now, it sucks. But some serious, serious things are gonna come out of that for both of these gentlemen.” ‘

Cormier was right with this final statement, at least on Masvidal’s end. On Wednesday night, the 37-year-old veteran turned himself in to police custody and is now facing charges of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and criminal mischief. He’s being held on $15,000 bail.