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Jake Paul slams Jorge Masvidal and UFC fighter pay

Jake Paul didn’t miss a chance to attack some of his favourite targets.

Jake Paul at the Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano press conference.
Jake Paul at the Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano press conference.
Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

The MMA world is atwitter with reactions to Jorge Masvidal’s alleged sucker punch attack on Colby Covington at a Miami night spot. It is alleged that Masvidal, wearing a disguise, clocked Covington, breaking some of his rival’s teeth.

Masvidal now looks set to face a felony charge over the assault. This incident comes just a few weeks after Covington bested Masvidal over five rounds in the main event of UFC 272.

Opinion on what went down in Miami is pretty divided among fighters, with some clowning on ‘Gamebred’ for attacking a man he was recently in a sanctioned bout against. Others are deriding ‘Chaos’ for seemingly participating with a police investigation into the attack.

It, of course, comes as no surprise that Jake Paul had to throw in his two cent, too. The influencer turned 5-0 boxer is no stranger to Masvidal.

Before Paul sensationally KO’d former Bellator and ONE champ Ben Askren, ‘The Problem Child’ spent some time with Masvidal discussing their shared opponent. Since then, though, any kind of friendship has turned into a bitter rivalry.

Paul has announced, on multiple occasions, that he has a desire to fight Masvidal. At one time Paul even proposed that they meet in the Octagon, but only if UFC President Dana White agreed to a list of demands regarding increasing fighter pay.

In his latest salvo against Masvidal (and the UFC), Paul wrote:

“2 facts of the day:

#1 Masvidal is a bitch for ambushing Colby. Couldn’t hurt him in the cage so try to blindside him?

#2. UFC always says it’s increased fighter pay 600% since 2005. Per Huddle Up, UFC revenue is up 1,700% since ‘05 and profits up by 6,200%. 10x fighter pay!!!”

Paul was the hottest story in combat sports last year with his blockbusting fights opposite Askren and Tyron Woodley. However, his place in the sport might be on the decline.

His rematch with Woodley, in December, didn’t fare as well as the box office as his previous spectacles. Web traffic on Paul is also trending down.

Despite signing a multi-fight deal with Showtime, Paul has not said much about taking another boxing match in the near future. Last year he was scheduled to face Tommy Fury. However, Fury fell out of the match due to the injury and was replaced by Woodley.

Both Paul and Fury’s camp have signalled that there is little chance that match-up is revisited in the future.