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Paddy Pimblett reveals charitable goals if he goes from $12K UFC contract to McGregor money

UFC rising star Paddy Pimblett promises to give back to his home city if he one day earns “Conor McGregor money.”

Paddy Pimblett speaks to the media after his UFC London win.
Paddy Pimblett speaks to the media after his UFC London win.
Photo by Kieran Cleeves/PA Images via Getty Images

Rising star Paddy Pimblett has been getting a lot of push from the UFC, and for good reason. And credit to the 27-year-old Liverpool native for living up to all the hype, so far, now with two impressive UFC wins under his belt.

Given his budding star power, many people are already comparing him to one of today’s biggest sports stars, Conor McGregor. And if he does rise to the same level of recognition and gets the same massive paydays, Pimblett promises to give back to his local community in a big way.

“I hope I do end up earning as much money as Conor McGregor, lad,” he said during the UFC London post-fight presser while munching on a slice of pizza. “Then no child in my city will ever eat from a food bank ever again.

“I’m gonna give back to my city and sort of been planning on doing the past few months, just to start me own charity. I think after this fight, I’m gonna get it done.”

“Paddy the Baddy” notched his second victory inside the Octagon on Saturday via first-round submission against Mexico’s Kazula Vargas. But right now, he’s a far cry from a McGregor payday as he revealed earning just $12,000 to show and $12,000 to win for Saturday’s event.

“It goes up after every fight, but you’re in a contract, so it’s whenever they want to offer me a new one, they offer me a new one,” Pimblett said. “So it’s just one of those things.”

He did, however, take home a $50K bonus for Performance of the Night, his second since he made his UFC debut in September 2021.