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‘Suck it up butter cup, you got whipped’ - Twitter reacts to Masvidal’s alleged attack on Covington

Pro fighters and media reacted to reports that Masvidal had assaulted Covington outside a Miami Beach restaurant.

Jorge Masvidal’s ongoing feud with Colby Covington is making headlines once again. Despite losing a unanimous decision to his former friend and training partner at UFC 272, Masvidal has made it clear that he still feels he has a score to settle with the former standout collegiate wrestler. And if the events of Monday, March 21st are anything to judge by, it seems he’s fully prepared to pursue that score outside the Octagon.

Recently released police reports name Masvidal as the prime suspect in a felony battery case, after a witness told officers they saw ‘Gamebred’ run up on an unnamed victim out side of Papi Steak restaurant in Miami Beach—striking the victim twice, in the mouth and eye. Video released by TMZ from that evening shows Covington surrounded by police officers apparently recounting the event.

“He’s over here swinging, trying to come at me, and I ran out the back,” Covington told officers.

The news hasn’t gone unnoticed on social media, where professional fighters and media shared their reactions to reported incident.