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UFC London video: Molly McCann crushes Luana Carolina with KOTY candidate spinning elbow

Check out the video highlights of Molly McCann’s ridiculous spinning elbow KO of Luana Carolina at UFC London.

So far the UFC London card has had plenty of finishes, but none as clean or shocking as when Molly McCann brutally knocked out Luana Carolina with a phenomenal spinning elbow in the third round. In the replay you can watch McCann set up the technique and execute it to perfection. This move was so devastating that Carolina went out on impact, and was down for some time before coming to. Hopefully she isn’t seriously hurt. For Molly, this is by far her most memorable win to date, and this poetry in motion should surely in the running for Knockout of the Year.

Check out our play-by-play of Molly McCann’s wicked spinning elbow KO of Luana Carolina:

Round 3 - They tear it up right away, but McCann gets the advantage. Holy spinning elbow! Carolina is out cold! WHAT A FINISH!

Molly McCann defeated Luana Carolina via KO (spinning elbow), round 3