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McKinney won’t rush after first UFC loss: Street Ninjas had to win before teachers or cops show up

McKinney suffered the first loss of his UFC career to Dober in a wild round at UFC Vegas 50. 

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Terrance McKinney seemed to be on his way to yet another first-round win in his fight against Drew Dober at UFC Vegas 50 on Saturday. That was until Dober survived some hairy moments, turned the tide and handed ’T. Wrecks’ his first loss in the Octagon.

McKinney stepped in on short notice against Dober for an injured Ricky Glenn, who was forced to withdraw just days before the event. Hoping to improve to 3-0 and capitalize on what he said was a ‘perfect opportunity’, McKinney was eager to put on an exciting performance against a veteran like Dober. He did that, but it cost him dearly.

Less than a minute into the first round, McKinney blasted Dober with a knee and several punches that sat him down on the canvas twice. The 33-year-old gathered his wits and returned to his feet, but McKinney kept the pressure up and swarmed him each time. Dober survived the onslaught and returned fire, dropping McKinney with a knee and following up with punches on the ground to put an end to the wild fight after nearly four minutes of non-stop action.

McKinney has since responded to his loss to Dober in a series of tweets and conceded there were some issues he must fix before his next fight.

“Respect to Dober, he’s tough,” wrote McKinney in one tweet. “I appreciate everyone who supported me, a few fixes and I’ll be back even better.”

“Yessir whoever, whenever, I’ll be smarter next time,” wrote McKinney in another tweet. “I’m just a young street ninja that’s just how we get down. Gotta beat ‘em before the teachers or cops show up.”

The lightweight prospect got off to a great start in his UFC career with wins over Matt Frevola and Fares Ziam at UFC 263 and UFC Vegas 49, respectively.