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Preparation is the one thing I can control - Jon Anik reveals 10 day process for weekly UFC shows

UFC lead commentator gives insight into commentary preparation and biggest UFC prize package in the history of the promotion

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With over a decade of experience as a UFC commentator, Jon Anik’s voice has become synonymous with the Octagon. The Boston native has called UFC fights as the lead commentator alongside Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier, Paul Felder, Dominick Cruz, and many others.

In addition to his commentary duties, Anik is also the co-host of the Anik and Florian Podcast with former UFC title challenger and current PFL commentator Kenny Florian. The amount of preparation Anik puts into every card is staggering, as he meticulously researches and writes notes not just on the individual fighters, but also on their coaches, training partners, and even their personal lives.

Anik’s preparation starts with pre-voicing much of the audio you’d hear in the arena at a live event. Once that’s completed, he moves on to fighter prep.

“I have 30 fighters to prepare for,” Anik said. “And once I get to fight week, there are a lot of different demands on my time and things that will come up randomly, whether it’s media requests or otherwise. Sometimes I’ll lose big chunks of the day so I start my process 10 days out.

“I hand write all of my fighter cards, and that kind of helps me study and commit those things to memory,” he explained. “Then I go right into a UFC Fight Night the following week with 28 more. I’ll literally be in Houston, Texas next Wednesday or Thursday voicing the Rafael Fiziev-Rafael Dos Anjos show, so sometimes that’s a challenge. You got 58 athletes in a short amount of time and it all can run together.”

In recent years, the UFC has enlisted many former fighters to call the action who rely upon their experience in the octagon while commentating. With octagon experience comes a different lens through which to view the fights, something Anik takes into consideration when doing his prep work.

“I’ve never been in so much as an amateur mixed martial arts contest so I think there are different things that are required of me, and the preparation is the number one thing that I can control.”

Apart from those extensive event work and preparations, Anik somehow finds time for more stuff on the side, including his new deal with Modelo for fan giveaways.