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Graphic: Denys Bondar suffers gruesome elbow injury at UFC Vegas 47

…arms should not bend that way. 

UFC Vegas 47 got off to a gruesome start on Saturday.

A flyweight fight between Denys Bondar and Malcolm Gordon served as the opener of the preliminary portion of the card. The Ukrainian was making his promotional debut after a year of delays, so his first walk to the Octagon was highly anticipated. Unfortunately, the UFC newcomer saw his time in the cage come to an abrupt end after he suffered an elbow injury just a little over a minute into his fight with Gordon.

During a scramble on the ground, Malcolm ‘X’ appeared to secure an armbar on ‘Psycho’, but he was able to power out of it. However, as Bondar tried to readjust his position up alongside the cage, he posted his arm on the canvas and it popped. He screamed in pain and referee Mark Smith waved off the fight at the 1:22 mark of the first round. Gordon got up and immediately told his corner his opponent had broken his arm, and that is when the cameras panned over to the ghastly sight.

Bondar was sitting on the canvas with his left elbow protruding outward. It is unclear whether it was a break or dislocation, but an elbow has no business sticking out like that. You can see what it looks like below, courtesy of the official UFC Canada Twitter account.

Warning: Video below is graphic. Please proceed with caution.

After this technical submission, Gordon is now on a two-fight win streak. He also defeated Francisco Figueiredo at UFC Vegas 31 this past July.

For Bondar, an impressive 10-fight win streak has now been snapped.