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UFC 272 video: Jorge Masvidal savages Colby Covington with ‘Real Street Judas’ compilation

As expected, Jorge Masvidal isn’t playing nice in the lead-up to UFC 272.

MMA: UFC 261-Weigh Ins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Masvidal wasn’t waiting around for Colby Covington to come at him with some schtick ahead of the UFC 272 headlining fight on March 5th. He has released a compilation video showing the evolution of Covington, from friend to foe to clown. He calls it The Real Street Judas, which is a play on Covington’s “Street Judas” nickname for Masvidal - itself a play on Masvidal calling himself “Street Jesus”.

Convoluted? Yes. But let’s get to the tape.

As you can see, it narrates Colby’s personality change over the years, and includes a few fighters taking shots at him. It even includes Colby himself admitting his persona is just that, an act that is used to promote fights.

Masvidal has promised more videos in the future, which isn’t all that surprising. I’m sure Covington will have a response to this as well very soon.

UFC 272 goes down on March 5th in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. A co-main event for the card has yet to be determined.