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WTF: Can Aikido work in MMA? Practitioner put to test vs striking, judo, BJJ and MMA

Defense goes out the window, and that’s good for us.

So we begin again this week with Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. No assistance this week, he’s doing this one solo with a look at Aikido action. While it’s not common to see Aikido around these parts, Jerry takes a look at internet personality Rokas, a Lithuanian Aikido practitioner:

Much like the Kung Fu experts we see here from time the time, this is an affair in which the more traditional martial artist tests himself against more modern practitioners in a different setting than what they’re used to. There’s some MMA sparring, then some straight no-gi grappling, then grappling with the gi. Well, his partner wears the gi while he wears his Aikido training garb.

How much of his Aikido experience translates to these settings? Well, not that much. But some of it shows, it’s just that some of these scenarios are not exactly conducive to fully-fleshed out combat experiences against opponents that have a fuller understanding of striking and grappling, especially combined and on the ground. Whether or not this is a failing of Aikido or of the practitioner in question is a valid question, but it does seem like there’s some important parts missing from his repertoire to be able to hang.

It’s an interesting study, and it’s worth viewing and thinking about more broadly.

Next up, Dambe Warriors.

Here’s a trio of bouts where the first and third are a duel with a lot of feints and anticipation, but the second bout ends with a monster finish.

This one is just two hungry competitors really going after it, it’s straight fire. Just bravado and pure determination.

Next stop: Russia. You already know what time it is with STRELKA.

These first two go at each other from the word “go“, and it ends with a pretty smooth submission:

This one’s nuts, because there’s absolutely no concern for anyone involved being a high-level athlete. It’s fueled by pure grit. Not a bad thing, either. It’s not pretty, but it works.

Now, we go to Japan. International Lethwei Federation Japan had a recent event, and it had some whoppers. Check out Shingo Suzuki vs Ty Williams.

But the real delight is this insane fight between Shuhei Higashi and Philip Repelis in another battle of wills. Just punishing stuff.

From there, some outstanding highlights from the Portugal Judo Grand Prix:

Finally, something new. Well, new for this feature, anyway.

Here’s the semifinals for the 2016 Sanda World Cup, and it’s a fun one.

No, there’s no way in hell I’m posting any of that professional pillow fighting nonsense here. Stop it. Don’t ask, it’s not happening here. I’d rather watch curling.

And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.