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‘Of course now I’m big’ - Khabib reveals Bobby Green joked about his weight gain

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Bobby Green were laughing after the UFC main event.

Shortly after Bobby Green’s loss to Islam Makhachev, the American was seen having a light moment and laughing with Khabib Nurmagomedov in the cage. The former lightweight champion, who was there to coach Makhachev, revealed what Green told him after the contest.

“He come to me, he come too close and said, ‘Hey, you was lightweight?’ Something like this you know,” Khabib said with a laugh.

“Of course, now I’m big because I’m now like almost two years I’m finished with fights, you know. And I try to enjoy. I try to enjoy but every day I train, spend time at the gym with the guys. But why I have to be lightweight?”

Khabib has always been one of the biggest lightweights, and certainly doesn’t need to diet or cut weight now. It’s nice to see the former UFC champion enjoy his retirement and able to laugh about his new physique, as he’s long past the days where he can still cut down to 155 lbs.