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DUST’s Dale Brown to critics: They’ll never ‘take on gangs’ or ‘leave the safety’ of their gym

Detroit Urban Survival Training (DUST) Commander Dale Brown fires back at critics who mock his techniques.

Detroit Urban Survival Techniques (D.U.S.T) Commander Dale Brown has been getting a lot of attention because of his techniques that have been going viral. While others like UFC middleweight Joaquin Buckley claim to see some sense in them, the majority of observers aren’t fans.

Heavyweight contender Tai Tuivasa, for one, tried to pick a fight with Brown online and via the media. During a recent guest appearance on the MMA Hour less than a week after his UFC cornerman debut, Brown responded to all of his detractors.

“Those individuals that are mocking are also the people who will not go out and take on gangs and protect people,” Brown told Ariel Helwani. “They’ll never leave the safety of their training facility for sport application and go out and literally put their life on the line to protect others for free, or otherwise. They’re just not gonna do that.

“They’re definitely not gonna do that in a city like Detroit or any other place where people are extremely in danger from violent criminals or gangs… Those same guys that are talking trash about our training aren’t gonna use their training to go defeat bikers to protect some lady or family or some man and his family from bikers. They’re never gonna do that.”

“They could do that, but they’re not going to because they know they would be killed. And there are people being killed that are highly trained in different types of arts and sports.”

Brown reiterated the differences of his ways to the fighting techniques that fans have known to appreciate.

“That’s why our training’s so unique. That’s why it looks different. A lot of these people that are talking are that they’ve never been in a street situation where they had to survive, where they actually had to defend against an actual killer. And that’s what we specialize in,” he explained.

“Imagine, that would be like me looking at sports and criticizing sports techniques, which I do not do, ever. You’ll never see a single post from me or a comment from me, criticizing a sport technique. I don’t do sports.

“It’s amazing to see guys go in there and be able to exert, choke, punch each other and stay inside that sport mindset and not reach inside, grab some eyeballs, rip out throats, bite holes in the aggressor that’s… the person that’s actually attacking them.

Brown also lauded fighters for the discipline that professional fighters have in their approach to combat. He then went on to remind everyone about the dangers of a “survival scenario.”

“These fighters are like that. They have great discipline like that,” he said. “I would never have that discipline if I felt someone’s choking me. I’m definitely going to be doing things that take away their ability to see and stand permanently.

“In a survival scenario, there is no referee. No one’s going to rescue you. No one’s gonna stop once they choke you out. When you’re in the street in a survival scenario where people are trying to kill you, if you were to go out, there’s no one to resuscitate you. There’s no one to get the guys off you.

“You will probably be killed while you’re sleeping. So it’s a different mindset. And when you think about these guys that are criticizing, these are people that also won’t go out and volunteer to go protect people for free against actual violent situations.”

Buckley says he did get some “good advice” from Brown during his UFC Vegas 48 fight against Abdul Razak Alhassan, which he won via split decision to compile a two-fight win streak.