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Jorge Masvidal open to rematch with Nate Diaz after almost killing him at UFC 244

Jorge Masvidal reflects on the time he ‘almost damn near killed’ Nate Diaz at UFC 244.

UFC 244 Masvidal v Diaz
Jorge Masvidal interacts with Nate Diaz following their ‘BMF’ title bout at UFC 244.
Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal is hoping for another crack at the welterweight title with a victory over Colby Covington at UFC 272 but, if that doesn’t happen, ‘Gamebred’ is more than happy to run it back with Nate Diaz.

Masvidal beat Diaz to a bloody pulp to win the ‘BMF’ title at UFC 244, but some fans believe the fight was stopped prematurely.

Masvidal, of course, sees differently, as the BMF champ recalls beating Diaz so badly the doctor was left with no choice but to stop the fight at the end of round three.

“That motherf*cker doesn’t want it, man,” Masvidal said during a live Q&A on his Rumble (h/t MMA Fighting). “I almost damn near killed him, I beat him an inch within his f*cking skinny life. You saw his last fight with Leon. I was like, man, they make that mistake and put this guy in there with me again, you know? He’s not trying to fight.”

Masvidal isn’t happy with the way Diaz has carried himself since the loss and would love nothing more than to break his face to teach the Stockton native a lesson in respect.

“That little f*cking broomstick keeps talking,” Masvidal said. “You’re going to have to go at some point, you know. [When] I take Colby [Covington]’s ass out, if I gotta wait for Usman, it could be you that gets this ass whooping, bro... Let’s f*cking go, man, I’m gonna break your f*cking face, bro.

“It’s not a call out. After handling business, I’m going for the title, and if I don’t have time to go for the title, I’m gonna break your f*cking face for all the sh*t talking you’ve done.”

Masvidal will return to the Octagon to take on Covington in a welterweight grudge match at UFC 272 on March 5 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.