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MMA fighter shot in the chest hours before scheduled fight in Russia

Kazakh MMA fighter Bagdat Dyusembaev was shot in the chest a day prior to his scheduled fight.

An MMA fighter was hospitalized after being shot in the chest following an altercation at a gym in Moscow, Russia.

According to, Bagdat Dyusembaev was reportedly shot during a “conflict with a security guard” at an unnamed training facility on Feb. 16. The culprit used a “traumatic pistol,” which is a less-than-lethal pistol designed in Russia in the 1990s that shoot either a rubber bullet or steel balls coated in rubber. The shooter fled shortly thereafter while the victim was hospitalized in stable condition.

The incident took place less than 24 hours prior to when Dyusembaev was scheduled to compete for Hardcore Fighting Championships, a Russian fight organization based in Moscow. Dyusembaev, a middleweight fighter and native of Kazakhstan, was to be featured in the co-main event against Russia’s Mikhail Avakyan.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia announced plans to conduct an investigation into the incident. Hardcore Fighting Championships has yet to release a statement acknowledging the situation.

Dyusembaev, 30, holds a 2-4-1 amateur record in Russia, as well as an 0-2 pro record after suffering a TKO loss to Yaroslav Kuk and a decision loss to Danila Volkov.