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Kickboxer turned hitman guilty of murdering reality star’s brother

Anis Fouad Hemissi travelled to London for an ‘organized hit’

FILE PHOTO - A crime scene in London, England from 2008.
FILE PHOTO - A crime scene in London, England from 2008.
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Anis Fouad Hemissi, 24, was found guilty of murder by Southwark Crown Court in London, England this month. He had been accused a murder-for-hire that resulted in the death of Flamur Beqiri.

According to Sky News Hemissi, a Swedish-Tunisian national, was part of a team of four killers who were dispatched from Sweden to London to carry out the killing of Beqiri.

Authorities claim that the killing was related to escalating tensions between two rival criminal networks based out of Sweden. It has been alleged that Beqiri was a leading figure in one of those organizations. His wife has denied those allegations. Beqiri’s sister, Misse Beqiri, is a former cast member of UK reality series Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Anis Fouad Hemissi
Anis Fouad Hemissi
Metropolitan Police

Among the evidence made public during trial was CCTV footage showing Hemissi conducting reconnaissance of Beqiri’s $2.5 million apartment in Battersea, south London. The video, presented below, show Hemissi wearing a latex mask and impersonating a street cleaner.

Hemissi shot Beqiri eight times as he returned home on Christmas eve 2019. The killing happened in front of Beqiri’s wife and their two-year-old child. Hemissi boarded a flight for Copenhagen the next day. He was arrested in Copenhagen on January 20, 2020 and then extradited to the UK.

During trial Hemissi, a former kickboxer, denied being a professional hitman. He told jurors he was in the UK to ‘watch Netflix and chill’ with a woman he met online.

Hemissi is due to be sentenced next month.