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Video: Purge style prank ends in head kick KO from Taekwondo champ

An attempt to recreate ‘The Purge’ ended in a spinning wheel kick.

Prankster gets head kick KO’d by Taekwondo champ Alex Rai (vJamahh)
Prankster gets head kick KO’d by Taekwondo champ Alex Rai (vJamahh)

In today’s edition of totally real and not made up things we saw on the internet we have a video from popular (?) British YouTuber and MMA fighter (???) vJamahh, also known as Alex Rei.

The video in question sees Rei’s friends attempt a prank on him that is styled after the movie franchise The Purge. That series of films revolves includes a society that suspends all laws for one-night only so that violence can reign.

Watch below as Rei’s buds don clown masks and ambush their friend. The confrontation ends with a well placed spinning kick to the lead prankster’s conveniently masked head. The stricken clown then appears to be out for the count.

You can decide for yourself whether the acting here compares with the of your favourite Purge movie.

Sportskeeda says Rei is a former British Taekwondo gold medallist. Despite what he titled his video, there’s no MMA record, pro or otherwise, to be found online.

The video has already racked up over 5,000,000 views for Rei, who has a subscriber base of 322,000 people. Nice work if you can get it, I guess.