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Invicta FC strawweight raffling off handgun to pay for ACL surgery

Faelly Vitoria needs about $775 US in order pay for surgery in her torn ACL ligament.

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Invicta FC athlete Faelly Vitoria needs to undergo surgery before she can have her promotional debut. After being picked up by the promotion back in 2020, the 20-year-old had her first fight under the new banner postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lingering injuries.

Due to a torn ACL, Vitoria needs money to pay for her surgery in order to be able to compete again. However, the Brazilian does not have the amount required for the procedure, which costs around 4,000 reais (approximately 775 US dollars).

To raise funds for her surgery, Faelly decided to organize a raffle with the help of the local military police force in her hometown of Macapa, in the state of Para. The prize, a G2C Tauros handgun, is courtesy of the organization to help Vitoria, with each ticket being sold at 10 reais.

In an interview with Globo Esporte, Faelly explained that she has no choice but to have the surgery if she ever wants to compete again. Furthermore, Vitoria revealed that the idea of organizing a raffle came from her coach.

“My teacher came up with the idea of asking for help, with a 30% cut of the amount if we sold 500 tickets,” Vitoria said. “The police chief was more generous and offered us a 50% cut if we sold a thousand tickets.”

“We explained to them what kind of surgery it was,” Vitoria added. “My ACL is completely torn. There’s no other way but having the surgery.”

Still undefeated in her career, Vitoria (4-0) scored four unanimous decision wins on the Brazilian circuit. All of the 20-year-old’s victories happened the year of 2019, with the most recent one taking place in December.