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‘Stop bro!’ - Watch UFC’s Kevin Holland beat up another troll and make him quit

“He wanted all the smoke”

Why do people keep trying to challenge professional fighters?

After quickly choking out an online troll who repeatedly called him out recently, UFC welterweight Kevin Holland handed out another ass kicking to another random MMA fan. The 14th ranked fighter said this latest “troll” came up to him during a meet and greet, describing how “he wanted all the smoke” and “thought it would be funny to pretend to call me Brunson.”

Then came another gym challenge, where Holland happily taught him a lesson in the ring. While the first troll challenged Holland to grapple, this one involved striking, and the UFC fighter unsurprisingly handled him effortlessly.

In the clip he posted, it showed Holland land two light punches, before proceeding to spam left body kicks. The random MMA fan clearly didn’t know how to react or defend, and Holland just made him quit.

A scream of “Stop bro!” was heard on the clip, as Holland — although clearly not throwing with power — hurt him to the body by just landing the same strike over and over.

Watch the video below (it’s to the right of his Istagram post).

Unlike the first online troll that kept harassing him, Holland says he respected this guy for showing up and taking the beating because he “ended up being respectful.”

Like I mentioned the first time, these two MMA fans are lucky that Holland was still being nice to them in the gym as he could’ve easily done worse. As we’ve seen time and time again, things have gone so much worse for the other random people who disrespected and called out actual professionals before.

It’s never a smart idea to challenging UFC fighters, but hopefully Holland’s latest tweet means at least some of those keyboard warriors now know better.