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Video: Dana White finally does a (cleaner) shoey with Tai Tuivasa after UFC 271

Tai Tuivasa finally convinced Dana White to do a (cleaner version of the) shoey.

“If the world was on fire and everybody was dying of thirst, that’s the last f—king thing I would ever do. Ever.”

That was Dana White in July last year, when asked about the chances of him ever doing a shoey with Tai Tuivasa.

Seven months later, and the popular heavyweight managed to convince Dana White to change his tune. The UFC President finally did a shoey with Tuivasa after his big win at UFC 271.

“He f—king did alright, actually,” Tuivasa said about White’s shoey. “He was fine. He downed the whole thing too. He did well.”

Watch him chug a beer and do a cleaner version of the shoey in the clip below:

What likely convinced the UFC President to go through with it is that unlike what Tuivasa routinely does, they didn’t use an actual shoe that someone wore all day. Instead, he drank beer from Tuivasa’s new product, the “Shoeyvasa,” which is pretty much like a short beer bong in the shape of a shoe.

Here’s how it looks from his website: