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Close? Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker 2 full fight video highlights from UFC 271

Watch highlights from the UFC 271 main event title fight.

Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker rematched for the middleweight title at UFC 271. In the first contest, Adesanya took Whittaker’s belt by second round KO. The rematch played out differently and went through the full 25 mins, but the winner was the same.

Check out video from the contest, a snippet from our play-by-play of the event below.

Israel Adesanya vs. Robert Whittaker, Round 4

Adesanya with two good leg kicks. Whittaker almost gets a takedown, and human backpacks Adesanya for a bit, but can’t drag him down. Low kick from Adesanya. More volume from Adesanya. Whittaker with a right and looks for a takedown but nada. 10-9 Adesanya. Again.

Israel Adesanya vs. Robert Whittaker, Round 5

Adesanya with a low kick. Whittaker with a takedown attempt that goes nowhere. Adesanya is changing stances over and over. Whittaker lands a good shot and looks for another takedown. He gets him to the floor but Adesanya immediately powers back up. Whittaker brings all the pressure but Adesanya weathers it all. 10-9 and 50-45 on my card.