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Elbow KO!! Derrick Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa full fight video highlights from UFC 271 co-main

Watch video from the UFC 271 co-main event.

The big boys co-headlined UFC 271, with Derrick Lewis and Tai Tuivasa clashing in a bout between two heavy hitters. The bout delivered as promised, going back and forth in a wild bout. Lewis hurt Tuivasa on multiple occasions, but the Aussie came back with a slick standing elbow KO.

Check out video from the contest, a snippet from our play-by-play of the event below.

Derrick Lewis vs. Tai Tuivasa, Round 1

Leg kick from Tuivasa. Tuivasa ducks a right and takes him to the cage. The ref splits them immediately. Lewis with a kick and clinches. He’s looking for a takedown. Tai with an elbow to get rid of that. They’re still clinching. Lewis with a takedown and he tees off! Tuivasa takes them and pops up with his own fire! Lewis with a hip toss! Tuivasa scoops a leg and gets up. 10-9 Lewis.

Derrick Lewis vs. Tai Tuivasa, Round 2

Lewis loads up and misses. Lewis with an uppercut and another two shots! They decide to brawl and Tui lands a big elbow! Lewis is stunned! Two more shots and Lewis is out! WOW!

Tai Tuivasa defeated Derrick Lewis via KO (punches), 1:40 of round 2