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UFC 271 results: Tai Tuivasa makes Derrick Lewis faceplant with standing elbow

Tai Tuivasa just viciously knocked out Derrick Lewis with a standing elbow in the UFC 271 co-main event.

We have reached the co-main event for UFC 271, which involved the #11 ranked heavyweight, Tai Tuivasa, knocking out the #3 ranked, Derrick Lewis, in spectacular fashion in the second round. Tuivasa had to deal with a couple of takedown attempts, as well as several haymakers, before delivering a murderous elbow from the clinch that caused Lewis to go unconscious and faceplant on his way down. This is the biggest win of Tai’s career thus far, which should catapult him all the way up into the top-5. He’s only 28-years-old, which is an infant in terms of heavyweights... Andrei Arlovski won tonight.

Tuivasa got things going by landing a low leg kick before crashing in and pressing Lewis against the fence. The referee broke them apart, and that’s when Lewis launched a head kick followed by a flying knee. Lewis then attempted a takedown, and actually ended up finding top position. As soon as Tuivasa stood up, Lewis landed several punches before Tai actually got to his feet. Then the fighters briefly brawled it out in dramatic fashion, causing the crowd to erupt in a roar.

Lewis continued to bring the heat in the second round, and tried to go back to the takedown. Tuivasa refused to fight on the floor, and started to swing back haymakers of his own. Then from the clinch, Tuivasa connected with a hefty elbow that put Lewis out, causing him to faceplant.

Tai Tuivasa def. Derrick Lewis by KO at 1:40 of round 2: Heavyweight