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UFC 271 results: Jared Cannonier overcomes knockdown to bash Derek Brunson with elbows

Jared Cannonier just brutally stopped Derek Brunson with elbows on the UFC 271 PPV main card.

The UFC 271 PPV main card is moving right along, and the promotion’s #3 ranked middleweight, Jared Cannonier, just smashed the #4 ranked, Derek Brunson, with a brutal series of elbows. The first elbow came on the feet and wobbled Brunson, and then the followup bows were dropped on the ground. Just as the referee was stepping in to stop it, the towel was being thrown in. Good to see a corner caring about their fighter. This a huge win for Cannonier, who declared himself the #1 contender to the 185-pound strap.

Brunson was clearly hunting for the takedown from the jump, but Cannonier was not making it easy for him. Jared was stuffing the takedowns, throwing Travis Browne elbows, and quickly scrambled up when Derek did get taken down. Just when it looked as if Cannonier was going to win the round, Brunson clipped him with a clean counter right hook that dropped Jared. Brunson followed him to the floor and had a fully locked up RNC when the bell sounded.

Brunson went right to the takedown to begin the seocnd act, but Cannonier was able to get up again. Cannonier started to land with his punches, as Brunson was showing rather weak takedown attempts. Off the clinch, Cannonier delivered a devastating elbow that wobbled Brunson. From there, Cannonier took top position and began dropping some hellacious elbows that put Brunson out.

Jared Cannonier def. Derek Brunson by TKO at 4:29 of round 2: Middleweight