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Poirier on fourth McGregor fight: ‘Besides money, what would I be doing it for?’

Dustin Poirier doesn’t seem interested in running it back with Conor McGregor anytime soon.

Dustin Poirier has already completed his trilogy with Conor McGregor and sees no reason to fight the Irishman again besides cashing in another big paycheck.

Poirier is 2-1 against McGregor, but some pundits argue their trilogy fight at UFC 264 ended inconclusively after the latter suffered a gruesome leg injury and was unable to continue.

Poirier, however, believes he has done more than enough to prove himself superior to McGregor but understands why there will likely always be demand for a rematch.

“I think, besides money, what would I be doing it for? I beat the guy two times in a row last year, you know; knocked him out, 10-8ed him in the first round of our last fight,” Poirier told Inside Fighting in a recent interview (h/t MMA News).

“It’s just like, we’ll see. We’re not currently talking about it with the UFC, but I’m sure it’s never out of the question. He wants to fight me. No doubt about it, he wants to get those wins back. We’ll see what happens when they call, but they haven’t said a word about it yet. I’m not sure if they have a plan for him.”

Poirier is the only fighter to hold two stoppage victories against McGregor and, although he was knocked out by the former champ-champ in 2014, ‘The Diamond’ more than made up for that loss by beating ‘The Notorious’ in back-to-back fights at UFC 257 and UFC 264.

Following those two career-defining victories, however, Poirier suffered a submission defeat to Charles Oliveira at UFC 269, coming up short of winning the lightweight title for the second time of his career.

Poirier is currently #2 in the UFC lightweight rankings and No. 8 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings. McGregor, by comparison, is #9 at 155-pounds but has been removed from the UFC pound-for-pound rankings entirely.