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According to friends, Logan Paul considering suit against Mayweather

YouTuber Logan Paul is considering suing Floyd Mayweather over missing funds from their 2021 boxing exhibition.

YouTube boxer Logan Paul is reportedly suing Floyd Mayweather Jr. because he still hasn’t been paid for their 2021 boxing match at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Logan’s younger brother Jake revealed at a press conference in London earlier this week that Paul is pursuing legal action against Floyd over the missing money.

“He really hasn’t [paid Logan],” Jake said at a boxing press conference on Monday to promote Amanda Serrano vs. Katie Taylor (h/t Mirror Sport). “There’s a lawsuit that was opened up last week or two weeks ago. They’re pressuring him both legally and behind-the-scenes, but it’s embarrassing for Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather to not have enough money to pay my brother.”

Comedian Andrew Shulz, who is good friends with Logan, estimates that Mayweather owes Paul ‘between five and ten million dollars’.

“I was talking to Logan about it,” Schulz said on a recent episode of his podcast The Flagrant 2. “I was like ‘are you serious’ [about not being paid]?

“He goes ‘yeah yeah, I guess we’re going to have to sue him’, and it sucks because once you go into the lawsuits the lawyers make all the money.

“You can stretch that s*** out forever and he owes him probably between five and 10 million dollars.”

Logan went the eight-round distance with Mayweather in a lackluster No Decision exhibition match. Paul was reportedly offered a rematch with Mayweather in February but turned it down because he still hasn’t been paid in full for the first matchup.