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UFC 271 video: Embedded, part 2 - ‘This is my escape’

Check out the second episode of Embedded for UFC 271.

UFC 271 is almost here, and as usual, Embedded is here as well. The show that gives you an inside look at the marquee contestants on PPVs has issued the second episode for this weekend’s big show in Houston, and it serves as a brief introduction to the fighters at the top of the card.

We start off with Israel Adesanya in the gym, talking up his teammate Mike ‘Blood” Diamond. Real name Mike Mathetha. He’s apparently the next big thing. Carlos Ulberg is there too, another teammate. They all hype each other up.

Robert Whittaker is chilling with his dad, playing Skyrim. Whole different vibe. There’s a bunch of smack talk I don’t understand, even though it’s in English. Whittaker is ultra chill though.

Tai Tuivasa time now. He’s running on a treadmill next to bantamweight Sergey Morozov. This is the biggest fight of his career. He faux spars with him, even though they don’t understand each other. Having fun is the key.

Back to Adesanya. I may be speaking out of turn here, but he comes across as such a tryhard. Confidence and swagger are very different things. He goes for a late-night workout, and Mick Maynard is there. Some coach says some stuff. “Young energy”. Sure.

And that’s it! UFC 271 goes down this Saturday night in H-Town.