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Tai Tuivasa wants to do ‘cuppy’ on Derrick Lewis’ groin guard at UFC 271; ‘Black Beast’ responds

Tai Tuivasa is willing to take his shoey to another level if he defeats Derrick Lewis at UFC 271 this weekend.

Tai Tuivasa does his trademark “shoey” after defeating Augusto Sakai at UFC 269 in December.
Tai Tuivasa does his trademark “shoey” after defeating Augusto Sakai at UFC 269 in December.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

While trash-talking adds some entertainment value and excitement to a fight, it is refreshing to see some friendly back-and-forth between competitors. Especially if it comes from beloved big boys like Derrick Lewis and Tai Tuivasa.

The two heavyweight hard-hitters will co-headline UFC 271 this weekend in Houston, and there’s been nothing but respect between both men. During his pre-fight media scrum on Wednesday, Tuivasa even said he was willing to do a “cuppy” on Lewis’ groin guard, should he emerge victoriously.

“Well, he can throw it to me when I win, and I’ll do a cuppy out of his ball guard, then. I’m keen,” Tuivasa casually told reporters.

Lewis did his media obligation afterward and was asked to comment about Tuivasa’s previous statements. This was his response:

“That guy is nasty, man. I can’t do that. USADA needs to be knocking at his door all the time. He gotta be taking something to help his immune system. That is just nasty,” he said. “We’re all fighters, so I’m pretty sure everybody got musty nuts. It’s all the same level.

“I’m clean. I’m probably the cleanest fighter to drink from, really. It will be warm. You remember? (Like) latte.”

As for the fight itself, Tuivasa plans to keep it simple, as he always does.

“It’s a very exciting fight for me. It’s either I’m gonna get my head taken off or I’m gonna take his head off. That’s why I fight, that’s what excites me, and I’m looking forward to putting a show on,” he said.

“I’m a banger as well, and I think that’s gonna be the fight. That’s gonna be the smartest fighter wins, and the person who lands the hardest punch wins.”

Lewis, meanwhile, says he might change things up a bit.

“You can say that, ‘Oh, we’re gonna stand up and bang the whole fight,’” Lewis told the Embedded cameras for Episode 3 (H/T MMA Mania). “But we’re fighters. So, ain’t no telling once you step inside the Octagon. I can say ‘Oh, I’mma do this, I’mma do that.’

“But as soon as you step in, I might turn into a wrestler. You never know.”

UFC 271 happens this weekend at the Toyota Center in Lewis’ hometown of Houston, Texas. Headlining the event is the middleweight title rematch between Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker.